A First Timer’s Guide to Afternoon Tea

Cake pop in tea cup!

Follow steps 1-10 accordingly. Once seated:

  1. Place napkin on your lap.
  2. Pick a tea you like (if unfamiliar stick to English Breakfast Tea).
  3. Select the type of afternoon tea you would like (sandwich choices if vegetarian/vegan/allergy – plus or minus a glass of bubbly.
  4. Remember to say your please and thank you’s.
  5. Once tea has been served, pick up your pretty little teacup and sip (no slurping or gulping – personal choice whether to stick your pinky finger up).
  6. Engage in some polite banter.cartoon1
  7. Once your Afternoon Tea selection has been served, refill your teacup and take pictures (of course you have to).
  8.  Begin to eat. Work your way up from the bottom of the three tiers first eating your sandwiches, second your sweet treats and then the scones to finish. Eat neatly allowing no crumbs to spill.
  9. Drink some more tea. Replenish until full. Wipe your mouth gently with the napkin and sit back.
  10. FYI if there is a heavy feeling in your belly – you may need to loosen belt or button at this point (just saying)
  11. Cheers!


Continue reading my full blog: Fit for the Queen, A modern Guide to Afternoon Tea


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