You’re TEA-riffic

Who doesn’t like to sip a cup of tea and read a beautiful greeting card! I just adore stationary, greeting cards and more importantly snail mail. Receiving greeting cards in the post is such a great thing! I am always on the hunt for beautiful hand crafted, cute, authentic yet simple messaged cards, which I can keep or send around the world.

A couple of months ago, during TheBritishTeaRoom’s greeting card giveaway, I stumbled upon a card designer I fell in love with – dlatteCardCreations! Debora is the owner of dlatteCardCreations and creates beautiful hard crafted cards sold on Etsy:

Based in Vancouver, Debora creates elegant, fun and truly adorable greeting cards. Some of her cards are a clever play on words which are fun and visually eye catching.  Debora is a huge latte lover, hence the name of her greeting card company. She has a real passion for making cute cards which brighten up your day! We finally exchanged messages via Instagram and once we started talking about our love for snail mail, stationary and drinking tea and lattes, we then we decided to do a snail mail card exchange.

dlattecardcreations has a wide variety of card selections which vary from season to season. As I was looking at the amazing card selection, I came across the most beautiful tea gift tags. Debora agreed to make a batch for me. What a TEA-RIFFIC idea! Debora carefully handmade each tea tag, crafting and cutting every fine detail. I must say these tea tags are absolutely gorgeous and I use them as gift wrapping tags, tea bags tags and some I have just kept as some cute stationary!

Debora’s customer service was also great, as she responded right away. If you see something you like on her Instagram, and cannot see it on Etsy, Debora will try and accommodate your request. Her prices are very reasonable and the cards great quality.

Here are some of my recent favourite picks from dlatteCardCreations!

If you would like any of dlatteCardCreations and want to make a purchase, please do via the links below.



Finally, if you would also like to do a card exchange with thebritishtearoom, please get in touch via or please leave me a comment below.


Snail Mail Rules!!

British Girl Blogging with a Cuppa



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  1. I’m so happy you love my handmade tags! Thanks so much for sharing. Love the new look of your blog

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